Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Gathering 2009 in Edinburgh, preceded by the Genealogy Festival, Glasgow

My Dear Clanfolk,

Saints preserve us ! Not only is the wife going to accompany me, but LBMacK is going w/ cousin, Ruth, w/ us on the Clan Macduff Tour, which starts in Glasgow, 15 July 2009. I'm so excited!

I hope you all have made plans to attend, w/ or w/o a tour, & that we'll see you there. If you haven't made air/hotel reservations yet, you'd be well advised to make them soon. I know my daughter has tried just recently & Channings is all full up!

I'll be spending a little time at the FTDNA stall, helping John Hansen, Friday or Saturday.

See ya in Edinburgh.

Regards aye,


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blog URL

Perhaps, it's the wrong place but what the heck: the URL for the Clann Mackinlay Blog is,

Regards aye,


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Inception of Blog

I am reviewing many past issues of the Glasgow & West Scotland Family History Society newsletter ( nice pub - quarterly) for helpful URL's, et al, so that I may better solve the questions that must lie in the "...mists of the past...". I am struggling with the learning curve of a new technique that I believe offers a ton of help in addition to traditional genealogical tools - Y DNA testing. I am the current Administrator of the Mackinlay Surname Project run by Family Tree DNA of Houston, TX, and have upgraded my own DNA test to the 67-marker level, This level should exhibit the greatest sensitivity and, hence, return the earliest common ancestor and the fewest, real matches to others with similar DNA.

I have put a serious amount of time and effort into the study of Scottish genealogy, in general, and the family of Mackinlay, in particular. I have caused a website to exist that represents the knowledge gained, called, Clann Mackinlay Seannachaidh, which may be visited at

I happen to have been offered a Google Mail Acccount a couple of years ago, but I really have Heather McFarlane to thank for steering me on to Google Blogspot. Heather's blog is at and her website (fantastic !) may be visited at

I'll sign off for now, as I'm already scratching for material for next time.

Regards aye,

Bob McKinlay